View Full Version : aRandomAliens upcoming contest giveaway.

11-18-2014, 10:24 PM
Hey Virtual Advantage. Its starting to near the holiday season and thought it would be fun to give VIPs a chance to win some free games!

So post a game you would like to see and I will add it to a list that will be used in the first contest That I will hold in 2-3 days.

You Must be a VIP to be eligible for the contest.

hax0r is banned from the contest.

I look forward to seeing your suggestions.

okay, hax0r you can join.

11-19-2014, 03:44 AM
I used to be a VIP ;) a long time ago.

I am going to suggest call of duty advanced warfare and farcry 4

11-19-2014, 08:33 AM
Battlefield 4 Premium Edition :trololol:

11-21-2014, 05:38 PM
Arma III ! It's 50% off right now if you want to pick it up :D

11-21-2014, 06:18 PM
We all used to be VIP in the past :)
I want to participate, i'll suggest CS:GO :( (I do want to play this game badly)
And... hey, far cry 4 is AWESOME. :)