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    Virtual-Advantage Official Forum Rules


    Forum Rules

    1. [Do not spam]

    - Avoid posting or replying to threads with content unrelated to the thread or area of posting.
    - This includes bumping threads in order for a thread to receive more attention.
    - Do not bump old threads unless you have a relevant response for the thread.

    Topic: Combat Arms
    Quote Originally Posted by noob
    EPIC H@X0RZ!!!
    - This also includes making one or two word posts, which have nothing to do with the topic, instead just PM the member to thank them for whatever they did.
    Quote Originally Posted by noob
    lol wut?
    Quote Originally Posted by noob
    - Even telling others to stop spamming is considered spamming itself; instead (a) report the post to the Moderators (b) just ignore the post, or (c) just don't post at all.

    2. [Do not use inappropriate / offensive language]

    - We try to keep a friendly environment. Therefore, very vulgar language is not allowed.
    - Try and be nice to everyone. Any language used with the purpose to offend someone will be removed.

    3. [Be respectful to other visitors, VIPs and staff]

    - We try to be respectful to everyone here. We appreciate it when everyone does the same!
    - The staff here work very hard. Please be respectul and patient.

    Quote Originally Posted by noob
    how do i play this game??
    Quote Originally Posted by flamer
    how do you not know how to play?? its so easy!! noob!
    4. [Do not advertise. Limit external link posting]

    - Advertisements and links to other cheat sites are absolutely not permitted.
    - External links can be posted if there is a relevant reason for posting them. Any spam or advertisement will be removed.

    5. [Do not post downloadable files]

    - Posting or linking to downloadable files (executable files, viruses) is not permitted. Doing so can result in a permanent ban. If you have a file that you feel would be helpful to the community, contact a super moderator to get approval to post it.

    6. [Don't Hack/Scam other members]

    - Don't try to scam others by getting their Game/Forum Accounts, this includes game keys, even if you want to "help" with their account, just don't post it.
    Quote Originally Posted by scammer
    I'll rank up your accounts to have epic armor and weapons! Just PM me your user and pass so I can start.
    Quote Originally Posted by scammer
    Trading my gaming account with someone.
    7. [You are responsible for everything you do and post]

    - You are responsible for your account and everything that happens on it. Do not give anyone else access to your account.

    - You are allowed only a 1 time cheat change per subscription of equal or lessor value.

    Avatar and Signature Rules

    - Any signature or avatar that contains content deemed offensive or inappropriate by a staff member will be removed without warning. Examples include racism, nudity or a signature that is too large in size or is distracting.

    - Use common sense when picking a signature size. Anything over 400px in height will be automatically hidden. Any signature that breaks the forum margins will be removed.

    Shoutbox Rules

    - The shoutbox is for general chatting. The shoutbox is NOT for support. (This includes asking for ETAs). Asking for support, or ETA's will result in a permanent shoutbox ban.
    - All Forum Rules apply to the shoutbox.
    - Violation of the Shoutbox Rules can result in being silenced or banned from the shoutbox.
    - VIP/Registered user's must use WHITE or GREY text.
    - VIPs/Registered Users/Moderators may NOT use italicized/underlined text in the shoutbox.
    - English only in the shoutbox

    Chargeback Policy

    - Fraudulently filing a chargeback, claim or dispute on a purchase is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban for doing so.
    - Any further purchases will also be automatically banned and blocked.
    - A purchase ban can be appealed by contacting a site administrator. Click here for more information.

    Buyer and Seller Rules

    You must be a VIP to participate in sells or trades on our forum.
    This is to maintain a level of trust, so that we know who's who, rather than having anonymous bandits doing as they please.

    Threads in this section are purged after 2 months of inactivity. Bumping is allowed.

    Virtual Advantage is NOT responsible for the quality of items, services, or the integrity of the sellers here. But remember, if anyone attempts to defraud anyone they will be dealt with severely.

    Virtual Advantage is not a mediator or quality control for any items posted here. So don't even ask!

    • No product backlinking
    • Asking for vouches or linking to any off-site vouches is not permitted.
    • Malicious products and services such as Remote Access Tools, Booters / Stressers, Doxing services, or anything of the like are strictly forbidden.
    • No selling or trading of any easily obtainable leaked / free information, products, or services. If it is free elsewhere, it does not need to be marketed here.
    • Attempting to advertise any in unrelated forum posts, private messages, or the shoutbox is not allowed and is punishable up to a permanent ban.
    • Confirmed scamming, or multiple reports of scamming, can result in a ban from selling on Virtual-Advantage or a site ban up to a permanent ban.
    • A user is permitted to have ONE thread open at a time. If a user creates more than one thread, old ones will be deleted without notice. Contact a staff member to edit your thread title to include extra services if needed.
    • Threads created with obnoxious titles and keywords, for example: [WORDS], |WORDS|, will have the titles edited to remove them or will be deleted without notice. Displaying the price is permitted.

    Virtual-Advantage maintains the right to deny any service it does not wish to permit.
    A private message will be sent to the OP with details of why we came to the decision.

    More can be read HERE


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