An updated version of our cheat loader has been released, V.3.2.8b2

New Features:

- Press "Load Cheat" button to load the cheat.

The loader will no longer automatically detect the game. You will have to press the button to load it. It will flash to get your attention.

- Dependency installation

This will automatically install all dependencies required for the cheats (Microsoft C++ etc).

- Running the Loader as administrator is required

You are required to run this loader as an administrator. If you do not, you will be prompted to and given instructions on how to always run it as administrator.

- Required DEP Policy check

If a cheat requires a certain DEP policy, you will be prompted to set your DEP policy accordingly and restart your computer

- Current DEP Policy Status

Your current DEP policy is listed below the Cheat Info box.

- Required game running as administrator check

Some games are required to be run as administrator to work properly with the cheat. If you try to inject into a game not running as administrator that requires this, you will be prompted to reload your game and run it as an administrator.

- Last Injected Cheat Saved

The loader will now remember the last cheat you injected and will automatically select that cheat when you open the loader next time.