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    USB Flash Drive Required

    Our Loader is now required to be ran on a USB Flash Drive or secondary Hard Drive that doesn't support USN Journaling.
    This only applies to a select few cheats that the require additional security. If you attempt to Load one of these cheats with the Loader located on your primary hard drive, it will inform you and not allow you to inject.

    It may cost you a buck, but this is the best way for us to ensure your safety.

    Compatibility Notes

    How to Reformat your Flash Drive from NTFS to FAT32:

    If you have used your flash drive to install Windows in the past, you most likely had it formatted to NTFS which supports USN Journaling.
    Revert this change to make our Loader compatible with your flash drive by using this program:

    How to Disable USN Journaling on a Separate Hard Drive:

    Not all Hard Drives allow USN Journaling to be disabled. If the steps below do not help, you will need a flash drive.

    1: Open Run (hold windows key + press r)
    2: Type in "CMD" and press OK
    3: Enter the following line into the command prompt: fsutil usn deletejournal /d D:

    This is assuming your secondary Hard Drive is "D". If your Hard Drive is labeled as "E" just change the letter after '' /d '' to match whichever Hard Drive you want to disable USN Journaling on. If the loader is still telling you that the Hard Drive still has USN enabled, make sure that you do not have any folder or file security enabled. (Example: Locked folders, passworded folders, etc.)

    Additional Notes
    (If needed; these settings are normally the default on your PC)

    Disable Superfetch:

    1: Run services.msc (you can get to this via Task Manager or by hitting your Windows Key and typing in "Services") to open the Services Manager.
    2: Scroll down to Superfetch service, which is responsible for maintaining and improving the system performance over time.

    3: Double-click on it to open it Properties box. Click on Stop to stop the process. Make the startup type Disabled and click on Apply.

    4: Reboot after.

    Disable Prefetch:

    1: Run regedit to open the Registry Editor.
    2: Navigate to the following registry key (Note to this; HKLM could also be named HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE): HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management \ PrefetchParameters

    3: Double-click on EnablePrefetcher in the right side to open its DWORD value box. Set the value to "0"

    Enable PatchGuard:

    1: If you used any old cheat providers that had you disable Patchguard, make sure that the boot entry is deleted and you have PG enabled. You can google the instructions on how to do so and it's at your own risk.
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