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    Down Time Policy

    These policies are stated in our Terms of Service; but to make it more easily accessible and understandable I will be stating our policies regarding subscription extensions due to unavailable products.

    Singular Subscriptions:

    When a singular subscription is offline, or down due to maintenance, detection, or game update/cheat update. For every 1 hour that it is down, you will receive 1 hours onto your subscription.

    Multiple Subscriptions:

    If you've purchased 3 different subscriptions, you will receive time for the subscription that is offline. For example: if you have Rust: Experimental, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, and War Thunder purchased; if War Thunder is offline, you will only receive time back for War Thunder for each hour that it is offline. You will NOT receive time back on Rust: Experimental or Counter-Strike:Global Offensive IF they are NOT unavailable. You will only receive time back to a subscription that is clearly unavailable.

    Multiple Cheat Subscriptions (Value Packs):

    If you've purchased our Advantage Pack or Premium Package, you will not receive time back on a cheat(s) that is(are) offline. These packages are designed to be the "best bang for your buck", or in simpler terms, they are designed to allow you to use a multitude of different cheats for different games. If your favorite cheat is down, you have 60+ other cheats to choose from. If you've purchased these packages for the sole purpose of using 1 cheat, and 1 cheat only. That is not our problem. These packages are designed to be the best value for your need.

    Trial Subscriptions (24 Hour Package):

    If you've purchased our 24 hour package, you will not receive time back on a cheat(s) that is(are) offline. This package is designed to be just like our value packages. Therefore giving you the ability to use most of our cheats for 24 hours, for a very small and reasonable price. If you've purchased the 24 hour package and your favorite cheat is not online, or the cheat you wish to try out is not online, that is not our problem. It is also stated within our Terms of Service that it is sole responsibility of the purchasing party to check our cheat status page for their desired cheats status.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message a Virtual-Advantage staff member for more information regarding this policy.

    NOTE: We only give 1 hour of compensation for every hour of downtime. If the cheat is unavailable for 50 minutes, you will not receive 50 minutes. If a cheat is unavailable for 1 hour and 45 minutes, you will receive 1 hour. This is how our system works. We cannot check and compensate for every minute that a cheat is offline. We have thousands of subscriptions, and it would require too many resources for our system to compensate for every minute. Our system used to compensate only every day, but this became a problem, therefore it was changed to every hour.
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