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    Virtual-Advantage ArmA 2 Dayz Overpoch Namalsk | Fully Scripted | PVP | Coins | Raids

    First 10 players to join will be given 100,000 coins!

    Virtual-Advantage will start hosting game servers as of today. Our first server we are creating is ArmA 2 (for the nostalgia).
    Server name: Virtual-Advantage Overpoch | HARDCORE PVP | COINS | BASE TAKEOVER | FULLY SCRIPTED
    Server IP:
    Slots: 50
    Server Mods: Overwatch, Epoch
    Server Map: Namalsk
    Server Wipes: 2nd of every month
    Whitelist: No
    Protection: Custom Infistar, BattlEye

    Custom Server Features:
    Fluctuating Economy
    Class Selection
    Spawn Selection
    AI Missions
    And more

    We are on DayZLauncher!

    Vote for us!
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