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    DotA 2 Cheat Information

    Game Engine
    - Source 2
    Game Version:
    - Latest Version

    Operating systems:


    1 Month - $7.95 USD


    • Illusion ESP
    • Visibile To Enemy Glow
    • Mana Bar ESP

    • Axe
      • Auto Culling Blade
      • Auto Blink

    • Anti-Mage
      • Auto Mana Void

    • Invoker
      • Auto Sun Strike

    • Lion
      • Auto Finger of Death

    • Lina
      • Auto Laguna Blade

    • Necrophos
      • Auto Reaper's Scythe

    • Zeus
      • Auto Thundergod's Wrath

    • Auto Dagon
    • Auto Phase Boots

    • Log Key
    • Panic Key
    • Menu Key

    • Camera Hack
    • Rune Snatcher
    • Auto Accept Matches

    • 250+ Script Functions for Custom Scripts
    • Auto Save/Load

    Scripts In Progress (Click Show Spoiler)

    Scripts Done:
    • Auto Armlet Toggle
      • Automatically toggle armlet when attacking and farming, and automatically toggle armlet to save local hero's life

    • Auto Lasthit/Lasthit Awareness
      • Auto last hit when key is held
      • Highlight creep in yellow when near last hit threshold
      • Highlight creep in red when last hit threshold is met

    • Cooldown Display
      • Display enemy ability cooldowns
      • Display enemy ability levels

    • Axe Helper
      • Auto use items like blademail and lotus orb when calling
      • Auto cast battle hunger on enemy that you are attacking
      • Auto blink to best position when calling
      • Auto initiate once enemy players are visible, can be turned on/off by key.
      • Keybind for auto initiate.

    • Invoker
      • Right Click Combo - Cast cold snap, alacrity, or forge spirit when right clicking enemy hero or building.
      • Meteor & Blast Combo - Cast deafening blast after chaos meteor
      • DoT Combo - Cast cold snap on enemy who is affected by DoT, like chaos meter, urn, ice wall, etc.
      • Eul/Tornado Combo - Auto cast ice wall, chaos meteor, and emp while enemy is eul'd or tornado'd
      • Fixed Position Combo - Auto cast sun strike, chaos meteor, or EMP on slowed enemies.
      • Instance Helper - Auto switch instances, Exort when attacking, Wex when running, Quas when low on HP.
      • Kill Steal - Auto cast deafening blast, tornado, or sunstrike on predicted position to kill steal.
      • Linken Breaker - Auto cast cold snap to break linken sphere
      • Interrupt - Auto interrupt enemy's teleport or channeling abilities with tornado or coldsnap
      • Spell Protection - Protect uncast spell by moving casted spell to second slot
      • Defend - If enemies are too close, auto cast (1) tornado, (2), deafening blast, (3) cold snap, or (4) ghost walk to escape.
      • Ice wall helper - Auto cast ice wall if it can effect an enemy.

    • Abaddon
      • Auto Save - Auto cast aphotic shield to save needed heroes (allies and yourself)
      • Kill Steal - Auto cast mist coil to kill steal
      • Awareness - Show how many right clicks are left to kill an enemy

    • Bounty Hunter
      • Kill Steal - Auto cast shuriken toss to kill steal
      • Auto Track - Auto cast track on enemies (will cast track only if shadow walk is available and you have mana for both, will not cast track if invisibility will be broken and cannot go invisible again)

    • Dragonknight
      • Kill Steal - Auto cast fire breath on enemy heroes to kill steal
      • Auto Stun - Auto stun enemies in range (enemies initiating will take priority, for example if Ursa blinks onto you, it will auto stun then instead of someone else)
      • Awareness - Show how many right clicks are left to kill an enemy

    • Enigma
      • Auto Midnight Pulse - Automatically cast midnight pulse right before you cast blackhole. (If heroes are moving outside of black hole AOE too quickly, it will cast blackhole first to ensure the heroes are caught)
      • Fail Safe - Will not cast blackhole if X amount of heroes are not inside of the AOE
      • Fail Safe Threshold - Specify how many heroes are required to be in blackhole AOE to succeed the cast.

    • Phoenix
      • Auto Fire Spirit - Auto cast fire spirit in predicted location while diving
      • Sun Ray Helper - Sun ray sticks to nearest hero to mouse (ally or enemy)

    Scripts In Progress:
    • Ember Spirit
      • Ember Chain - Auto cast ember chain to stun as many enemy heroes as possible when using sleight of fist
      • Auto Veil - Auto use veil of discord to inflict as much damage as possible

    • Huskar
      • Auto Life Break - Will automatically cast life break on the enemy closest to your cursor
      • Auto Inner Vitality - Will automatically cast inner vitality when Huskar's HP is at a certain threshold
      • Auto Armlet - Will toggle armlet while combo key is pressed
      • Auto Burning Spear - Will auto toggle burning spear while combo key is pressed
      • Auto Blademail - Will automatically use blademail mid lifebreak to inflict as much damage as possible
      • Auto Black King Bar - Will automatically use black king bar when holding down the combo key
      • Combo Key - Customizable combo key

    • Legion
      • Kill Steal - Auto cast overwhelming odds to steal kill
      • Auto save - Auto cast press the attack to save needed hero (ally or self)
      • Combo - Hold specified combo key to blink (or) shadow blade to enemy closest to cursor and duel
        • Auto Press The Attack With Combo
        • Auto Blademail With Combo
        • Auto Black King Bar With Combo
        • Auto Satanic With Combo
        • Auto Abyssal Blade With Combo

    • Skywrath
      • Ability Combos - Auto combo abilities to hero closest to cursor when combo key is held
      • Item Combos - Use wide arrangement of items on hero closest to cursor to combo with abilities while key is held
      • Auto Break Linkens - Use items that won't deal damage to break linkens such as euls
      • Skywrath Protection - Script checks if enemy hero has blademail or BKB activated, won't use spells or items if either are activated.

    • Tinker
      • Kill Indicator - Draws on hero when hero can be killed by any spell or item or right click
      • Fail Switch Rockets - Will not cast rockets if no heroes are near
      • Fail Switch Rearm - Will not auto cast rearm if using a channeled ability, such as teleport scroll or boots
      • Auto Soul Ring - Auto use soul ring before using abilities
      • Soul Ring Threshold - Will not use soulring if HP is at X threshold
      • Kill Steal - Automatically use items and abilities to kill steal
      • Combo - Auto cast all abilities and items on hero closest to cursor, and automatically use rearm to refresh abilities.
      • Combo Key - Hold this key to use combo

    • Visage
      • Combo Mode Switch Key - Switch between Escape mode, Follow Mode, and Lock mode
      • Escape Mode - Automatically use familiars to stun heroes chasing or fighting you, will stun in sequence to maximum stun length
      • Follow Mode - Familiars will follow you no matter what.
      • Lock Mode - Hero and familiars will lock in position but will continue to fight (useful for blood seeker ult, or mana leak)
      • Fight Key - While in Follow mode or Lock mode, hold this key to use familiars, Visage, and items to attack hero closest to cursor

    Requested Scripts:
    • Auto Orchid
    • Storm Spirit
    • Meepo
    • Techies

    • VAC3 Undetected
    • Serverside Check Protection
    • Secure Hack Streaming System


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