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    Exclusive Video Rewards Program

    We are rewarding talented content creators with public, non-private cheats

    You will be given 3-7 days added on top of your current existing subscription judged on the quality of the video made with a maximum of 3 videos a month.

    Video quality at least 720P.
    Video needs to be at least running in 30 FPS. Preferably 60 FPS.
    Video needs to be over 2 minutes no longer than 5 minutes.
    Needs to be uploaded to YouTube and public with links to the cheat information page.
    Video title must include Virtual Advantage in the title.
    Must have a watermark.
    Make sure that you edit the gameplay and it is not just one long recording with an overlay slapped on top.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a current subscription you will not receive any bonus cheats.

    You need to post in this section with your submission:
    In this format
    Name of cheat
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