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Thread: Battlefield V

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    Cool Battlefield V

    I bought this cheat one month ago, finally i can testify that i never got banned with ESP Only thankfully. The cheat is very smooth and runs like a charm.
    I started to playing with this cheat on level 11 and now after almost one month i am on level 50 with assault class and support class both on level 20 thanks to this amazing cheat and its a great advantage to have this cheat. I do not like to be blatant cheater, so i use my own legit settings. Therefore, it all depends on your settings and behavior in the game. If you get banned somehow DO NOT BLAME THE CHEAT, blame yourself.
    I will definitely renew my subscription. Also, soon i will post my legit settings in the right place.
    I cannot say about aim bot because if your settings are not right enough, you will get destroyed by fair fight right away.

    If anyone wants to add me on origin just pm me the username.

    Visuals 8/10 (missing old bf1 features probably because of security)
    Price 10/10
    Security 10/10
    Support 10/10

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    Thank you for your comment. We highly appreciate your opinion and your satisfaction with our product. Aimbot and rage times are behind us, you will have to outsmart the FF if you want to avoid getting yourself banned just like you did. Great job, thumbs up!

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    Thanks for the kind words! Very much appreciated and we are glad you enjoy the product


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