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Thread: Lost Region

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    Lost Region

    Game Name: Lost Region
    Official Website: /
    Game Engine: Unreal Engine
    Game Genre: A third-person, open world Survival Action sandbox with combat, looting, crafting, building, leveling and diplomacy, that will take you to the world after civilization crisis.
    Anti-Cheat: Don't know, game still not out.
    Online Statistics: Game Coming Out Soon.

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    Looks fun, and looks even funnier to cheat in.

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    in the trailer it looks kinda like somthing i could wasted a few hours on, but we have to remember that a trailer is usually showing the best of a gameas it is made by the very company peddeling the game.
    in some cases portrays the game better and more optimised then what it really is or out right lying about features n such(dayz standalone, world war z, no man sky, fallout 76, watchdogs 2, infestation survivor stories, spore, tiger woods pga 09, fable to name a few)
    people are getting cautious in regards to early releases especially when it's in an already oversaturated genre and type of games.
    i wanted to see if this was a game i should spendt 7-10 days on while waiting to get back in eft so i did a bit of research.

    i want to point out that i have alot of love for survival games and most of the takes/types you find.

    first off i searched up stats for lost region in a few ways and places and found absolutely nothing.
    Going deeper
    i went on youtube checking reviews and was met with a few videos from semi pop youtubers having a hard time with what they called "a map not a game" as cited by DevilDogGamer and i myself was toroughly entertained by the ai's death animation or well.. the lack there off xD they did like an insta flop on death.
    some of the top videos were next to impossible to sit trough as the game volume was twice as loud as them talking into their humming noisy mic's, so as of yet it seems the game since 2017 has mostly been covered by small and semi youtubers.

    here's Satch XP a guy i might continue watching as he seems kinda cool.
    at this point the game was as explained, single and multiplayer but with absolutely no servers available. he's keeping the tone light but as time goes and the off putting masses of loot and gamebreaking glitches (janky doors, the inabillity to reload, funny connor magregor running....character model seems to flip backwards a bit and get stuck in that position.. did look funny tho. ai taking 8 shots of a pistol with absolutely no reaction to getting shot nor trying to shoot back before insta flopping to the ground and flicker around for a bit. with more. )
    he seems to start getting a bit more skeptic but hopefull for the future of the game.

    about a year later (august 5. 2018) he made another video
    as an update on how the game evolved. right of the bat he's minorly surprised but the new gui and the almost none exsistend customization of the character.
    he's final verdict in this video is they definately improved the game over the last year but end's it off with saying hesitatingly that he might come back to it again but would probably wait this it comes out of alpha.

    i'v now watched 7 videos and mostly skipped another 5. Going Deeper
    Steam curators? there's litterally a curator called =E= that has made a bunch of reviews saying E.... that's it... nothing informative.... tho the review states that it's an informative review.
    so i'm not sure how trustworthy the curator system is to be fair.
    Fort N curator says "Not Fort N. Why play it then? Don't play any game unless it is Fort N." - not recommended. ::: love it it tryed to cover up FortN*** like it's a curse word?
    Clumsy Theosis says "it isn't lost at all" - informing/no opinion.
    YES / NO says "YES" - Recommend
    The RAGING BANANA says "Typical game in this style. Nothing new, just something with a diffrent name. Not sure what else to say." Informing/no opinion.
    GamingTaylor says "A third-person, open world Survival Action sandbox with combat, looting, crafting, building, leveling and diplomacy, that will take you to the world after civilization crisis." Which seems like somthing he could have been paid to say... tho i'm only saying that because:
    base building requires rope which none of the people i'v been wathcing has been able to find tough the loot is More then plentifull, combat is lacking, unresposive and glitchy with a few common to uncommon reloading and equipping glitches, crafting is basic especially compared to most not even aaa releases but many indie titles aswell. i'v not yet seen leveling in any way shape or form and for diplomacy you need players/factions/clans/fletched out ai or somthing as minor as a pet system...does that count as some sort of diplomacy? i give you treats n **** you be a good dog?.... yeah, probably diplomacy. the world after civilisation crisis is incredibly vague and dosen't give a lead or lead to anything. using vague terms like that is mostly because with that people start forming their own thought, filling in the blanks with what they hope it meens and that is a manipulative way of creating fake interest and angry customers. but hey, i don't actually know if there is active working servers as of today..... the most recent videos, comments etc. has been from 3-4 months ago.

    i'm going to look up specifically lost region multiplayer right now!

    right... so i didden't find anything. well i found a bunch of videos but not including multiplayers. i would of course instead of linking 20 videos of nothing encurage doing your own research.

    going deeper.....
    so they have a twitter. here's their profile:
    let's be fair right. i probably knew it woulden't be insanely popular right, we already have tons of indie survivals that are already fletched out, for every type of survival imaginable with a few titans soring over everything else like miscreated and rust n ****
    but looking at their twitter i was actually surprised.
    their facebook is a bit more positive! :
    still next to no people interacting but hey the ones that are seem somewhat interested!
    like so many people i see the potential in this game like many others and me also did in so many other dead survival games, i hope this to be a different story of course but the lack of playerbase (even with some coverage on semi pop channels and after 2 years) i don't think this is going to be the game that made a miracle.

    i spendt 4 hours on this, why you ask? i'm so glad you asked! i woke up at 3 and coulden't sleep... i'm currently banned on eft and bored of most everything else so here i am bored out of my mind hoping i would find a cool game... and i did! well..
    it was fun researching a bit but i'm actually rather sad that it diden't turn out to be somthing i could waste a week or 2 on.
    4 hours is still somthing tho.

    i would encurage people to do their own research into the game.

    ps. what do you need a hack for? item esp is useless as everything is so plentyfull you barely have to look for guns n ammo, ai is limited to specific points on the map, ai freezes at the sound of gun shots, if you need an aimbot to hit a big target that can't and won't move i can wholeheartedly recommend heores of might and magic, diablo 3, warcraft, stuff like that
    maybeh with multiplayer and some sort of point to killing like getting money, equipment, score, whatever it would make sense.


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