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    Testimonial on Monster Hunter World

    Hello i would like to say my opinion For Monster hunter World Cheat
    I have to say good job!!

    Visual: Very useful to find fast the monster that you hunt 9/10
    Character:I think is the Best think to use when you have a problem with specific monster that you can't kill +you dont have to Sharp you weapon every 2 minits +you can add to your Character Zcurrency +research points 9.5/10
    Spawn:It's useful for someone that lets say have killed a monster that it was at the beginning of the game and doesn't have the materials form it and want's to spawn it. Personally i didn't use it but it's a good option 8.5/10
    Radar:To tell the truth not that useful for my opinion 5/10
    Colors:Not that useful but is ok as a option + easy understand 7.5/10
    Keybinds:I really couldn't find a way to make teleport options to Work maybe im stupid or it doesn't work but good idea 8/10
    Misc:Crosshair for me wasn't useful at all i try it because i wanted to try the teleport option but didn't work for me 7.5/10

    Overall the Cheat is good But i would like some more Options like DAMAGE Multiplier with some options like x2dmg x4,x6+++.Option that your Weapon 100%crit +One hit destroy Body Parts if could be possible of course

    Thank You!!

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    Thank you for your review if you have any suggestions for the cheat please add it to the Wishlist thread.


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