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    Why are we abandoned?

    And there myths all right? I wonder why they abandoned us? I'm following V.AV.A's co-brother website and there are several hacks out there.While here we are literally abandoned.If you are unable to maintain the services here at V.A, then close the website and transfer us who still have active accounts to the co-brother website.This is right and fairer because if you do not, you will lose loyal customers who have been with you for years.

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    You are not abandoned we have many websites. This being our smallest one you have to have patience. We can not help the staff did the wrong things. the Admins the ones you speak of are not here for a reason. Not because we wanted to do this trust us.

    You have me and thats pretty much it right now and SSJASON we both are very very busy working on other sites as well. I check this site every single day. We have plans for this site as well and its coming as fast as possible.



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